I had some dreams ... they were klowns in my koffee.

(With apologies to Carly Simon)

This is my journey through job transition from a toxic environment to a better life. Join me for a few thoughts and a few laughs along the way.
What are "klowns in my koffee"? They are the factors large and small that make you less than you are. A "klown" can be a grossly incompetent boss,
a short-sighted policy or a moronic coworker. They won't kill you, at least not immediately, but they abrade the soul
as you scrape past them to get through the day. Sometimes it's best to dump them out of the cup.


Day 11 - (Almost) DeKaffeinated

It was unemployment request day again. I have a lot of confusion over what is the waiting week and what the severance covers and all that. I hit the button and do a superstitious little dance.

I used to crave that morning cup of coffee from the Porkus coffee pot, aroma gently wafting as it sat to the left of my monitor after the morning meeting. It was a little ceremony each morning. Now, I have 4 ounces of Diet Coke every few days and find that it's possible to be awake without it. Who would have thought it?

I continue to work through the state's syllabus on emotional transition. I guess they think having a bunch of angry people with time on their hands seems like a poor idea. There's a certain "little engine that could" theme that runs through their documentation, but you have got to give them points for effort.

Motivational speakers often cite Abraham Lincoln when discussing someone who suffered numerous professional and personal failures but kept striving until he achieved success. As long as you define success as being shot on your new job.

I found some ads for quality jobs that were intriguing. I've been waiting to put the final touches on my resume to figure out what I wanted to emphasize. Since I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, I may have to find out what opportunities are available and shape my objectives around those.

Tomorrow: Networking Workshop

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