I had some dreams ... they were klowns in my koffee.

(With apologies to Carly Simon)

This is my journey through job transition from a toxic environment to a better life. Join me for a few thoughts and a few laughs along the way.
What are "klowns in my koffee"? They are the factors large and small that make you less than you are. A "klown" can be a grossly incompetent boss,
a short-sighted policy or a moronic coworker. They won't kill you, at least not immediately, but they abrade the soul
as you scrape past them to get through the day. Sometimes it's best to dump them out of the cup.



Had to substitute some videos that decided that they no longer wished to be embedded. A full-length McFerrin video with Robin Williams and Bill Irwin that could be embedded eluded me, so a shortened one is posted. Since the song attaches directly to the cortex, the short version is probably more than adequate.

After viewing multiple versions of the Spice Girls -- and before my morning coffee (SHUDDER) -- I can't escape the conclusion that Sporty Spice didn't try that hard with her costumes. She just wore whatever was on the floor.

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