I had some dreams ... they were klowns in my koffee.

(With apologies to Carly Simon)

This is my journey through job transition from a toxic environment to a better life. Join me for a few thoughts and a few laughs along the way.
What are "klowns in my koffee"? They are the factors large and small that make you less than you are. A "klown" can be a grossly incompetent boss,
a short-sighted policy or a moronic coworker. They won't kill you, at least not immediately, but they abrade the soul
as you scrape past them to get through the day. Sometimes it's best to dump them out of the cup.


Day 217 - Halloween Eve Eve

Daily Kup (What I Did On My Midlife Vacation)
Daisy meeting numero dos was this morning. One little girl burst into tears in the middle of my reenactment of Girl Scout founder Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low's visit to Lord Baden-Powell in London to study his concept of Boy Scouts. She said she missed her mother but I'm not completely convinced that the off-key rendition of "London Bridge is Falling Down" didn't push her over the edge.

We took advantage of the 50 degree weather to get the leaves off the front yard and into the trailer. We'll dump the trailer at the city's collection point. They will compost it and next spring we'll pick up the compost in the trailer. One loop from producer to consumer and back again could be saved if I composted the leaves myself but my two composters are already full. Usually, I wait until it's really windy and the leaves blow into my neighbor's yard. When we dug the rain garden, a depression with natural plantings designed to reduce runoff and absorb rainwater back into the water table, it provided a nice bunker in which to gather my neighbor's leaves. Drat!

My Little Town
When Simon & Garfunkel sang "Nothing but the dead and dying back in my little town," I thought when I was 15 that they meant Watertown, New York. In a weird twist of fate, my holiday tradition is a Halloween miniature town where there's nothing but the dead, dying and undead.

And every Halloween town needs a giant cat.

When Jimmy Buffet was asked where Margaritaville was, he replied, "Anywhere you want it to be." The same is true for any "Little Town" that may be living in the back of your mind.

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