I had some dreams ... they were klowns in my koffee.

(With apologies to Carly Simon)

This is my journey through job transition from a toxic environment to a better life. Join me for a few thoughts and a few laughs along the way.
What are "klowns in my koffee"? They are the factors large and small that make you less than you are. A "klown" can be a grossly incompetent boss,
a short-sighted policy or a moronic coworker. They won't kill you, at least not immediately, but they abrade the soul
as you scrape past them to get through the day. Sometimes it's best to dump them out of the cup.


Day 279 - New Year's Perspective

Daily Kup (My Life at the End of the Year)
In this contemplative time of year, I would like to pause to think in the quiet of the soul, to ponder the yin and the yang. Unfortunately, two children did not have a nap, the older daughter cannot find a single suitable item of clothing to wear to a wedding, and my husband has found a channel that features explosions and machine gun fire exclusively.

Any still voice in the my soul better have a megaphone.

In truth, I find New Year's Eve depressing. Though I'm not the type, I'd like to try the shiny gown New Year's Eve just once.

No one is wearing a shiny gown here at the moment.

My husband received a Snuggie, one of those fleece sacks with sleeves, for Christmas and he wears it around the house constantly. It is blue with an open back so it's like a medical gown for Smurfs. Mr. T wears a leather belt with it to keep it hiked up enough that he doesn't trip over it. He completes the ensemble with a bathrobe to correct the back closure gap. The combined effect is Obi Wan Kenobi in a retirement facility.

As a break from the gunfire channel, Obi and I are watching a marathon of House episodes.

As this year draws to a close, I think it's important to keep it all in perspective: House is way more screwed up than we are.

Happy New Year!


Corsair, The Mostly Harmless said...

I used to find House interesting. But in the circles I run in, he's known as an Encyclopedia of Ethics and Boundary Violations. Once you realize that his practice and license would have been yanked before the second commercial break of the pilot, it takes some of the fun out of it.

As for the snuggie, if YOU can't get him to stop, nobody can. Once you got him to stop wearing the "Rommel of the Desert" leather trench coat, and the engineer boots, I thought the worst of the sartorial crimes a thing of the past..

Burning Khrome said...

Being involved in an industry or endeavor certainly drives the fun out of popular depictions of it, doesn't it? Knowing a little bit about the food preparation industry has led me to produce and cook more at home. (And, yes, they really do things to your food when you aren't looking if they don't like you or if they are cheap or lazy.)

If I were House's patient, I'd like to skip right on past those first two attempted treatments where you half-die and go right to the last five minutes when they notice the spider bite or whatever.

T still harbors ill will about the edited wardrobe. It's not that he CAN'T wear these items, it's that no one will choose to accompany him anywhere if he is.

I'm posting a Snuggie picture today that will confirm your accurate apprehensions.

I haven't posted this popular video parody since the language is beyond my mild profanity limit here, but check out the WTF Blanket if you haven't seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h05ZQ7WHw8Y

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